About the St Andrews Bed & Breakfast Association

The St Andrews Bed & Breakfast Association ( Trading as St Andrews Best B&Bs) is a non-profit, member-driven trade association dedicated to promoting the B&B industry in St Andrews. Our mission is to provide first class, quality accommodation in a warm, friendly and consistent environment for visitors to the St Andrews area.


It is a requirement for membership of the St Andrews B&B Association to be part of the quality assurance program with Visit Scotland. This ensures that the accommodation offered on our site is of a very high standard.



Women’s Open Comin in 2022

The Women’s Open is coming to Kingsbarns Golf Course in 2017. Kingsbarns Golf Course is located just south of St Andrews, you can see more details here www.kingsbarns.com/directions

You can see more about the Women’s Open on their website here ricohwomensbritishopen.com

Accommodation in St Andrews will book up very early for this event so we highly recommend booking as soon as can to avoid disappointment.

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