Description of Bathroom Types usually found in the UK

(in all cases facilities include a toilet, wash-hand basin and either a bath, shower or both)


compared to a regular hotel or motel – there is a shower/bathroom within the bedroom


a bath or shower room is available for your exclusive use – but it may either be located next to your bedroom or a few steps away

“Shared Facilities”

Either sharing with other guests or perhaps just with your hosts

Description of Beds

  • A standard double in the UK is 4’6″ wide; King bed is 5′ wide.
  • A continental double comprises a 7′ wide frame with two 3′ wide mattresses.
  • A link bed can either be two single beds (3ft wide) or linked together (normally by zip) to form an extra large double.
  • A twin room is a room with two single beds.

Please contact the Association Chairman if your establishment has a KY16 postcode and a Visit Scotland star rating and you would like to join the St Andrews Bed & Breakfast Association

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